Country: United States of America/ Nigeria

Profession: Athlete – Hammer throw

Career highlights:

  • 2022 World Champs finalist
  • 2021 National Champion
  • 2017 NCAA Champion
  • African Record 75.49m

For you, what is the beauty of the hammer throw?

For me, hammer throw feels like a dance that I get to refine every time I practice. The beauty in it comes from the mental and physical growth I’ve had while doing this. And it looks really cool!

What has been the most pressure you have ever felt, and how did you handle it?

The most pressure I’ve felt, surprisingly, was when my college team would have a conference championship. I was so concerned with scoring points for the team, that’s when I was most aware of the pressure. I handled it by praying and believing that I was prepared to excel in competition. That’s something I still do to this day.

We know it must have been a difficult decision to switch allegiance and compete for USA again. Can you take us through what lead up to this decision?

Yes, it was difficult decision to switch allegiance. It really came down to looking at the longevity of my career in hammer throwing. Track and field is hard enough on its own and the last thing you need is the federation you’re competing for to make it harder. With Nigeria, the stress comes while being on the team and with the US it can be stressful to make the team, and I’ve decided to go with the latter. It was hard to put my stamp on that decision at first because of the friendships I gained while being on Team Nigeria. My teammates made the experience a beautiful and memorable one, especially with how we encouraged each other during the Olympics debacle. But ultimately I know what I’m capable of athletically and I wanted a federation that would do their best to respect that.

At the end of a long week of training, what is your favourite thing to do to relax and recharge?

I love to lay down on my comfy couch and watch a movie or binge watch a show and eat some salted popcorn OR getting to catch up with a friend over FaceTime because none of my closest friends live near me at the moment. Basically, I like to get back to my apartment and not leave.

Do you have any pre-competition superstitions?

Not superstitions really. In college, up until my 3rd year, I would eat salmon, broccoli, and rice the evening before a competition, but that faded and now I’m more trusting in God and my training that things will go well.

What’s a talent you wish you had?

I wish I had an outwardly creative talent, like being able to paint or make music.

What would we always find in your fridge?

Lemonade and salmon. I probably have a meal that includes those things like 50% of my week.

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