Country: Poland

Profession: Athlete – Hammer throw

Career highlights:

  • 2022 World Championships silver medallist
  • 2020 Olympic champion 
  • 2016 Olympic bronze medallist
  • 3x World Championships bronze medallist
  • 2018 European Champion
  • 2016 European Championships bronze medallist
  • 2x European Team Championships gold medallist     
  • #1 2022 World Rankings 

Is there a moment while throwing that you just know it’s going to be a good throw?

If I do every technical part of the throw well, after I release the hammer, I know it will be a good throw.

For you, what is the most technical part of hammer throw?

For me, every part of the throw is important (and technical!): the swings, working on the legs and the release are all equal for me.

When have you felt the most challenged in your career?

It was in Doha 2019. It was the toughest competition in my career because I was very well prepared physically, but technically it was terrible. I didn’t feel the hammer at all. It was tough, mentally.

Who do you consider your ‘worthy rival’?

Paweł Fajdek is my “worthy rival”. When we compete, every meeting or competition is on the same level. It doesn’t matter if it’s Poland Championships, World Championships, European Championships, etc. We both want to win.

We read that you are a qualified mechanical engineer, what sparked your interest in this field?

I like mathematics and physics and I think it’s easier to find a good job once you are a qualified engineer.

What do you always have in your fridge?

I always have meat because it’s important in my diet.

What is your favourite road to drive and why?

My favourite road is the road to my parents’ house. They have a house 40 km away from my town in the forest. For me, it’s a beautiful place, quiet with many trees. That is where I go to rest.

Mountains or beach?

Mountains, always.

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