Country: Hungary

Profession: Athlete – 110mH

Career highlights:

•             2020 Olympian

•             2021 Hungarian Athlete of the Year

•             2019 World Championships team

•             6x National Champion

For you, what is the most technical aspect of the 110m hurdles?

For me the most technical aspect of hurdling is “keep it clean, run it between”. If I am able to do that in a race, I know that I will run fast. Unfortunately, this has only happened a handful of times, so now this will be my main focus for the upcoming fall/winter training sessions.

What were your thoughts as you stood at the starting blocks in Tokyo to make your Olympic debut?

“I MADE IT”. After years of injuries and health problems, I was just really happy to be there and enjoy the moment. In 2017, I was diagnosed with an inner ear infection (Vestibular neuronitis) which caused me dizziness for 14 months. After that I had some issues with my right hamstring (biceps femoris) for a year. In 2019 I started to get healthy, and my only focus was on to make the World Champs and the Olympic team.

You missed out on the Olympic final by 0.08 hundredths of a second. How did you manage to cope with the disappointment and be motivated to keep running?

I have learnt so much from my first Olympics. Of course, I was initially disappointed that I missed out on the final by such a small margin, but I kept saying to myself, this should be your motivation for the next Olympics, that 0.08 hundredths of a second. So, for me this disappointment quickly turned into a motivation. I have to trust myself more and believe in my coaches and training. I made some changes after the Olympics as well. I wanted to level up, so I joined to Coach Holloway’s group in Gainesville, Florida.  

When do you feel your most at peace?

When I am in balance in my life. Running well, healthy, and happy in my personal life. For me, mental health is vital as well. I have had so many bad years dealing with mental health issues, but I sought help, and it completely changed me into a better version of myself. Inner peace comes from within you. It took me couple of years to understand myself and how to cope with anxiety and when I feel hopelessness in my life. Same as training. You have to do it every day in order the achieve your goals.

What’s the last book you read?

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.  

Can you give us two interesting facts about the culture of Hungary?

The Hungarian language is very unique. It is considered the 4th hardest language to learn in the world. The Hungarian Budapest Parliament building is the largest and one of most beautiful building in Hungary. It’s not the size or height, but the stunning and breath-taking architecture of the building that is famous all around the world. It is considered the most beautiful Parliament building in Europe. Also, to add one more thing, Hungarian kitchens are one of the best in world. Some of the most famous dishes are, Goulash, Chicken Paprikash, Chicken Soup, Jókai Bean Soup, Meat Stew etc. Ever heard of paprika as a spice? Yes, it is ours, haha.

At the end of a tough training week, what is your favourite meal to cook?

A big pot of chicken soup and breaded chicken with rice and vegetables and a little dash of pumpkin seed oil. I love to cook; it is one of my hobbies that I really enjoy. Also, I use my grandma’s recipes which are my favourite.

Why is patience important?

Just recently had “patience” tattooed on my neck. I used to always rush things, and the outcomes were bad 90% of the time. After injuries, I tried to get back as soon as possible, but just made it even worse. So, throughout the years I have learnt to just listen to my body, train smart and leave it to God. It is God’s timing.

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