Country: Denmark
Profession: Athlete – 100m and 200m

Career highlights:

  • 2020 Olympian (4x100m relay)
  • 2018 World Indoor Championships team
  • 10x National Champion
  • 7x National Indoor Champion

Of your 17 national titles, which one was the most challenging to win?
It was definitely my double win in the 100m and 200m from last summer (2021). We had only one month before the Olympics and the whole team was there ready to give it their all. We all wanted the win to show that we were we were ready to make the Olympic team. At these particular championships, there was definitely no time for mistakes. It is the two titles in my career that I’m most proud of and also the fastest ones I ever run, both times are the standing championship records. I am excited to see how it goes this summer.

What is the WORST advice you have ever been given as an athlete?
I’ve really tried to think about this one but somehow I can’t remember any bad advice I’ve been given through my career. I definitely have been given bad advice over the years and maybe followed some of it and found out it wasn’t right for me. Maybe that’s because I really try to listen to the advice that I believe will make me better and then I let the rest go. I really think it’s a good thing to listen when people give you advice and you reflect if it’s something that will help you or something you just need to let go.

Can you tell us about a time you felt like giving up, but didn’t?
I never really in my life felt like giving up. I think that is one of the things that also describes me best as an athlete. Through my whole career, whenever I’ve faced adversity, I look at my options and try to find my way back – and come back even stronger than I was before if that’s possible. It is also important to me to have a team around me to help me through these difficult situations where I feel most vulnerable and it’s really tough. It is always easy when everything is just going well and you are succeeding, but when you face adversity it’s really then that you need people to back you up because that’s a really vulnerable moment. I think I never felt like giving up because I have good people in my life who always support me.

Which place would you recommend everyone visits when in Denmark?
I would absolutely recommend exploring the Danish nature. Denmark is really beautiful country and there’s a huge variation in the nature throughout the country. The west is very flat and the east is very hilly. The thing I love the most is that we have lot of beautiful beaches because we have a lot of the seaside. I would recommend the beaches.

Where are we most likely to find you when you are not competing or training?
I try to spend a lot of my free time with my family, my boyfriend or my friends because there are long periods where I don’t have time to spend quality time with them and that’s a higher priority of mine. I also like to explore Denmark or the neighbourhood in my spare time. Otherwise, you can find me someplace quiet where I can recharge my batteries.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
I think perfect happiness is to find this fine balance between having goals and working on fulfilling your dreams – but at the same time making sure that you have people in your life that you love and you trust and support you and your choices, finding time for self love and recharging batteries because mental health and recovery is very important. I think that’s my three ideas or key words to perfect happiness.

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