Country: Poland

Profession: Former athlete – Hammer Throw

Career highlights:

  • 3x Olympic finalist
  • 2019 World Championships silver medallist
  • 2x European Championships bronze medallist
  • 2x European Team Championships silver medallist
  • 2017 Summer Universiade bronze medallist
  • 2015 Summer Universiade silver medal
  • 2014 European Cup Winter Throwing gold medallist
  • 2011 European U23 Championships silver medallist

We read that you played baseball before, what influenced you to switch to athletics?

When I played baseball I played in the mixed team. But you could only play in the mixed team until a certain age then you had to join a women’s team. Unfortunately, there was no women’s team in my town so I had to stop. Then I started athletics, because I didn’t need a team!

Deciding to retire can be tough for athletes, so how did you come to the decision that 2021 would be your last season?

When the COVID pandemic came in 2020 I had more time for myself and my family – and saw that there is a life outside of athletics. More importantly, I am not one of the youngest in the field, so I started to think when to end my career and decided that would be 2021. I promised myself that if I do not win a medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo I will retire, there is no point in dragging something out that will inevitably come to an end.

You have been open about your previous struggles with mental health and alcohol – what do you think can be done better in athletics (and sport in general) to help support athletes that are struggling with mental health issues?

Yes, I had problems, but not because of sport, but because of personal matters that had an impact on my career. When it comes to helping athletes, although most professional athletes work with sports psychologists, support from family, their federations, coaches, and other players is the best medicine. Of course, sometimes it does not go well, and you fall into a depression, but often the best help is provided by the people around us and are with us on a daily basis.

What Polish food should everyone try at least once in their life?

Polish food is the best in the world!

Everyone should try pork chops with potatoes and cucumber salad. Also, pierogi with cabbage and mushrooms. Damn, everything is good 🙂

We imagine you have a spectacular perfume collection, which perfume would you say is your favourite and why?

Yes, I love perfumes. My favorite is my Tom Ford Rose Prick – it smells beautiful.

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