Country: Kenya

Profession: Athlete – 5 000m and 10K

Career highlights:

  • Ranked No. 13 on the 10K All Time List (27:12)
  • Ran 4th fastest 10K in 2020 (27:18)

You had to walk 24km to school and back every day, in what way did this influence your running career?  

It was good experience for me because it prepared me to become an athlete. I decided to start training, and slowly I began to improve and promised myself that one day I will join the world class athletes and be like them.

For you, what is the best part about racing?

It is when I compete outside of Kenya with different runners from around the world… and I win.

You ran the 4th fastest 10km in 2020. Can you describe your build up to the race and what it felt like when you crossed the finish line?

I can say that it all started with discipline, hard work, teamwork, determination, self-sacrifice, and respecting what I do and why I do it. When I’m competing, I forget everything and bring all my thoughts to the race and believe in myself that I can make it. After crossing the finish line, I thanked the heavens for giving me the strength and energy to win.

How did you deal with the disappointment of not qualifying for the 2019 World Championships?

I was very disappointed because I had a vision and dream of competing in Doha. It was such a painful experience that I almost quit running, but then I reminded myself that everything happens for a reason. It inspired me to work even harder to reach my goals.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not training or competing?

I enjoy reading the Bible and talking funny stories with my friends.

You spend your free time watching Geoffrey Kamworor’s previous races. What was it about his running style that drew you towards him?

Hahaha….the guy is my favourite, I’m his die-hard fan!! I love his running style and how he tackles his races, and he is so versatile, running very well in track, road and cross country. His videos inspire me and teach me not to give up, but to believe that hard work is the mother of all success.

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